Friday, 13 July 2012


Finally a bit of sun! Currently sat drinking costa as usual! In the sun, planning new ideas and doing some market research! Excited as the Next sale is on tomorrow and I love there children's clothes and home range! Such inspiring collections! Hope to pick up some good bargains! It's sad now Uni has finished I'm missing my fellow designers! Hope they are all getting on well with the next chapter of their lives!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Kid's Trend Predictions Spring/Summer 2013

Now I have finished my degree I want to dedicate some time into trend research and forcasting, I have spent the last three years, getting to know children's design and now I want to create new and exciting trends to excite young minds, through careful research of what is going on already in the art and design industry and adding my own personal twist and concepts I have decided to create some trends using the mass amount of research I have gathered. I hope you all enjoy and get plenty of inspiration from these mood boards! Please don't hesitate to contact me for more idea and infomation and don't forget to show me your designs! I can't wait to see! 

Techno Fusion is a Children's Interior trend for Spring/Summer 2013, It has a vibrant colour pallet mixed with basic black, white and grey. Techno Fusion is all about the mix between nature and technology. It is very much based around science but has a very playful element, with interactive pieces. It also focus on Atoms for Patterns ; Crystal structure designs from the 1951 Festival of Britain and turning into something much more futuristic.  Techno Fusion focuses on visual impact to excite the senses, it stands out from the crowd. 
Inspiration taken from artists such as Carnovsky and Andy Gilmore.
Materials such as; fibreglass, plastic, textured metal and blackboard.

Geometrical Anatomy is a Kid's trend aimed at the older market for boys, it uses simple shapes with bold dramatic colour, it is inspired by artist such as Antony Gormley with his fantastic use of shapes to create human figure instalations and design experiments from individuals such as Esther Stocker who is known for creating stunning geometric enviroments. It is a very graphical trend that will appeal to teenage boys alongside its very definate colour pallet emphasis is on the angular shapes for this trend!
Materials such as; Vinyl, Metal, Plastic tubing and glass mosaic.

Degree Mark

I am very proud to anounce that I now have a FIRST CLASS HONOURS in Textiles and Surface Design BA WOOOOOOPPPPIIIEEE!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Some New Designers 2012 Coverage!

So exciting to be featured on websites such as Fashion Capital UK Where they write "displayed were a number of wallpaper designs, some crossing over into textiles. A sure favourite was Holly Kathryn Stevens of Six15amDesigns. Her robot themed wallpaper, set with LEDs as well as hand drawn wallpaper for little girls were absolutely stunning and her determination to fill the gap in the market for little boys decorating was obvious!"

I'm sure you are all excited to see some images from our stand at New Designers! Here is Cleveland College of Art and Design BA Textiles and Surface Design Stand 2012!

New Designers really was an amazing opportunity for me, I got some good coverage and also Job offers! So much to think about and consider! I'll keep you informed! 

Also managed to grab a little bit of time to myself and spend it in my two favourite places Libertys and the V&A!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Arts Thread Portfolio

So I joined Arts Thread as we are off to New Designers on Monday, thought I would show you samples of my online portfolio, all images are very low resolution!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Degree Show.

In all the excitement of New Designers I forgot to post my degree show pictures! SORRY! Here you go! Leon didn't want to leave! He thinks he's the luckest boy in the world to have mummys interactive wallpapers in his bedroom!
My time at Cleveland College of Art has been a fantastic experience one i will greatly miss, I've spent so long at CCAD studying a Graphic Design ND, Foundation BTec and finally my BA in Textiles and Surface Design. 
It has been hard work juggling a full time degree and a 5 year old, but it has been worth every tear and headache.
The support from my Mum and Step Dad has been amazing, none of this would have been possible without them. My son Leon has been a huge influence on my work and will continue to be for many years to come.
During my degree i have met some very talented individuals, with various areas of speciality's, the overall standard of work produced has been amazing, so I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!
The support from the tutor's and staff has been second to none, I want to say a special thanks to Claire Baker, who has been an amazing tutor and inspiration and also Ann our adopted uni mother who has listened to our endless whingeing and helped massivly with research!

When I decided to start designing interactive children's wallpaper's, I never realised that I would have to learn to wire up lights, connect plugs and make sure a wallpaper design didn't burn a house down! I have had a great amount of fun designing this collection, it has been a roller coaster of emotions but if I could, I would do it again in a heart beat.  I really hope that one day my interactive designs will be used to help stimulate children with disabilities. So without further a do here are my degree show pictures!

And Last but not least, some images of my LED wallpaper in Leon's room in the dark!!

I am also pleased to announce, that i have been chosen to exhibit my work at New Designers in London, and I hope to see you there!